10 October 2004

posted by benjy edwards

This is our inaugural brewing report on the website.  We hope to keep anyone who is interested in our operations up to date on the latest brews, equipment, etc.  Please contact us via comment or email if you would like to ask questions or provide feedback.

Today I racked the clone of Anchor Liberty Ale (version 12) I brewed last week to secondary.  Gravities were good – 1.012 on the Dry English and 1.015 on the East Coast.  I saved the Dry English yeast in a 3-litre flask and dumped the East Coast, which has been having a lot of trouble clearing.  As usual, the Dry English ferments fast and flocculates well.

I also kegged the Raindrop ESB, adding 2.5 ounces of Kent Goldings plugs.  Final gravity of 1.011, nice clean flavour.  The 5-gallon cask of Director’s Bitter was finished today, next up for the engine is the Boathouse Bitter in the firkin.  Later this week I will vent it and tap it, ready for serving this weekend.

I’m planning to brew an Oatmeal Stout this weekend, with a few tweaks to the recipe we’ve used several times in the past.  Finally, I need to keg the barley wine brewed almost one year ago, so that it’s ready for the Eight Year Anniversary of Boathouse Brewery, on 1 November 2004.

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