13 October 2004

posted by benjy edwards

Time for some draft system maintenance.  The 6-way co2 manifold which runs the cask breather and kegs in serving tank 1 needed a good cleaning, so I removed the whole system, disposed of all of the tubing, soaked all of the disconnects, hose clamps, hose barbs, cask breather and manifold in beer line cleaner, then sanitized everything before reassembling with new tubing.  It’s a time-consuming process (took over two hours from start to finish), but one which is necessary periodically to maintain sanitation.

I also vented the firkin (Boathouse Bitter) which had been conditioning for over two weeks.  I expected it to be quite lively, and it was.  After an hour or so with a hard spile, I switched to a soft spile, with an eruption when switching them, dry hops spraying nicely all over me and the serving tank.  I left the soft spile overnight, and by morning it was still venting off excess co2.  I think the spile gets clogged with the dry hops, because repositioning the spile causes it to vent off even more gas.  I’ll keep the soft spile in for the day and see how it’s doing after work.

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