24 October 2004

posted by benjy edwards

Today was a long day of racking, kegging and blending beer.  Steve and I started by taking a gravity sample of the barleywine, which was down to the very dry 1.008.  Too dry, in fact, so that adding Lagavulin just made it overly peaty and smoky.  While we considered our options, we casked the Anchor Liberty clone (version 12) which was brewed almost entirely with home grown Cascade hops.  Dry-hopped with 2 ounces of home-grown Cascade, this should be a very nice ale on the engine.

Next we racked the oatmeal stout from primary to secondary, the gravity was 1.012 for the Dry English and 1.015 for the California ale yeast.  We had some left over, so we saved about 3/4 of a gallon of the California yeast batch to add to the barleywine, which sweetened up the barleywine a touch and darkened the color.  Adding 1% Lagavulin about 6.5 oz. in 5 gallons) made it mildy smoky, so we kegged it into a 2.5 gallon corny and a 3 gallon corny, and force-carbonated it.

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