30 October 2004

posted by benjy edwards

Another brewing day, this time making the Alpha King clone.  The hops used were Chinook, Centennial, and Cascade.  Single infusion mash at 154F followed by the usual three recirculations of the wort, then a 90 minute boil.  The weather has warmed up this week, so we first used the immersion chiller to reduce the wort temperature from 212F to about 125F, then racked it to primary with the counterflow chiller.  The California yeast stored for a week from a prior batch started within 3 or 4 hours, but the Dry English, started from the day before, took overnight to begin fermentation.  The original gravity is 1.069, pretty high for this beer.

In other news, we tapped the barleywine (13%!) and it turned out quite well.  Everyone who tried it, liked it, with some very enthusiastic responses.  At that strength, I anticipate that it will take years to finish the 2.5 gallons.*

* Footnote – It did indeed take years to drink that 2.5 gallons – the last of it was drunk in July 2008, almost four years later!

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