28 May 2005

posted by benjy edwards

I obtained a pound of Styrian Goldings hops so that we could brew a clone of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.  Using Golden Promise malt and a combination of Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings bops, with luck the beer will be a close match to the original.  Target gravity was correct, at 1.042.  For some unknown reason, however, the runoff from the mash was particularly cloudy, with a lot of grain particles making their way to the kettle.  I think the addition of rice hulls to this mash would have helped.  Perhaps the small mash size (less than 15 pounds) somehow contributed to the problem.

We racked the Dark Ruby mild off the yeast today as well, casking both fermenters into corny kegs, with no primings or dry hop.  Gravities were 1.020 and 1.023 for the yeasts, a touch high, but a mild should finish relatively sweet.

21 May 2005

posted by benjy edwards

I brought the English and Scottish yeasts out of cold storage and pitched them into a starter on Friday night.  Saturday we brewed a clone of Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild, a wonderfully complex dark mild from the English Midlands.  We hit the target of 1.060 right on, only 30 IBU of hops, just Willamette and Kent Goldings added for bittering.  Getting the colour dark enough for this beer is a challenge, as it should not have any roasted or burnt character, which you’ll get if you use a lot of dark malt.  Just a touch of roast barley for colour, and some blackstrap molasses for more colour.  Got a quick start on the yeasts, within one hour from pitching.

We also casked five gallons of the JHB clone, the English yeast batch.  A couple of ounces of First Gold for dry hop, no primings, and the beer was very clear.  At 3.4% ABV, it should be a great “lawnmower beer”.

14 May 2005

posted by benjy edwards

The JHB clone was racked to secondary today, and the two yeasts stored in flasks for later re-use.  Specific gravities improved over the Bluebird Bitter, both at 1.016 after one week.  We also vented and tapped the firkin of Bluebird, it was very lively, needing to be tap-vented as well as soft-spiled.  The beer is nicely bitter, session strength, with a light body.  The cider I made in March was tapped, it’s very sweet and fruity with the addition of raspberry juice.

7 May 2005

posted by benjy edwards

Since today is National Homebrewing Day, we had to brew some beer.  The recipe was loosely based on Oakham Ales’ Jeffrey Hudson Bitter, being all pale malt, with three-quarters of a pound of wheat.  The hops used were Cluster for bittering and First Gold plugs for aroma.  We hit the target of 1.042 right on, but were a little short on volume, getting 5.25 and 5.5 gallons in the two fermenters.
The Bluebird Bitter clone was racked to a firkin with five ounces of First Gold plugs.  Gravities on the two yeasts were higher than desired, in the low 1.020’s for both the English and Scottish strains.

1 May 2005

posted by benjy edwards

While technically not a brewing report, we made a new hop trellis today for the Cascade plants.  A pulley system enabled us to get the top wire much higher than last year.  The hops can now grow to a maximum of about 16 to 17 feet.  For two plants, each will have three bines, making a total of six lengths of twine for the bines to climb.  Pictures are on this website.