21 May 2005

posted by benjy edwards

I brought the English and Scottish yeasts out of cold storage and pitched them into a starter on Friday night.  Saturday we brewed a clone of Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild, a wonderfully complex dark mild from the English Midlands.  We hit the target of 1.060 right on, only 30 IBU of hops, just Willamette and Kent Goldings added for bittering.  Getting the colour dark enough for this beer is a challenge, as it should not have any roasted or burnt character, which you’ll get if you use a lot of dark malt.  Just a touch of roast barley for colour, and some blackstrap molasses for more colour.  Got a quick start on the yeasts, within one hour from pitching.

We also casked five gallons of the JHB clone, the English yeast batch.  A couple of ounces of First Gold for dry hop, no primings, and the beer was very clear.  At 3.4% ABV, it should be a great “lawnmower beer”.

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