25 June 2005

posted by benjy edwards

I started two new vials of White Labs yeast on Thursday (English and Dry English) and the first brew for them was a clone of Stone’s Ruination IPA.  The third version was almost exactly like the previous two, except for a pound of carapils substituted for half of the two pounds of crystal I have used before, in order to lighten up the colour a bit.  Gravity was a bit low, 1.072 instead of 1.075, but we anticipated this with the refractometer and thus boiled it more, ending with about 5.25 gallons in each fermenter.  Hops are Magnum for bittering and Centennial for aroma.  It was 95 degrees today, so the chill was accomplished in two stages, the immersion chiller from boiling down to about 120 degrees, then the counterflow got it down to 68 degrees running full bore through the hopback.

18 June 2005

posted by benjy edwards

Haven’t brewed in a couple of weeks, but today we got round to racking the porter to secondary (a firkin) and tapping the cask of Landlord.  It was pretty lively although not as much as some past firkins.  The porter ended up at about 1.018 and 1.016 for the Scottish and English yeasts, respectively, so it should be quite conditioned in a week.

4 June 2005

posted by benjy edwards

The final brew with the Scottish yeast was a copy of Harvey’s Historic Porter, which is the same recipe used by the Columbus Brewing Company for their 1859 Porter.  The target gravity was 1.055, but for some unknown reason we only hit 1.045.  I think the volume was a bit on the high side so the boil must not have been vigorous enough.  I did not have time to take refractometer readings of the runoff and boil, so I was unable to adjust for the low gravity.

The Landlord clone was racked to a firkin today as well, with 5 ounces of Styrian Goldings for the dry hop.  Gravities were on the low side, 1.013 for the Scottish and 1.014 for the English ale.