17 September 2005

posted by benjy edwards

I bought another Angram handpump while over in England in September, making three in all.  I will add updated pictures to the taproom section soon.  The two CQ models have been put under one plinth (the oak base that clamps to the bar), making a double unit.  The plinths can be obtained to house multiple engines, so as more handpumps are added, you can expand the unit to look like they are all one piece.  I also got 28 more pumpclips to display, including a very nice ceramic “Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter” clip which is difficult to find.  In addition, I found a couple more taps for the casks, spigots for the cask breather when using multiple firkins, and ice blankets and an insulating jacket to cover a firkin when serving it in a place without refrigeration.  The next items on the wish list is a stainless steel pin (4.5 UK gallon cask, 5.4 US gallons) or two, and another firkin.