4 December 2005

posted by benjy edwards

No time to brew more beer this weekend, but Sunday left time to transfer several batches.  The second half of the Alpha King clone was racked to cask and primed with half a cup of corn sugar, along with over an ounce each of Centennial, Columbus and Cascade.  Also, the Christmas Ale was kegged and force-carbonated.  Sampling out of the secondary, the beer didn’t have spiciness to it, so about a quarter of an ounce of Cassia chunks were added to the keg, along with two ounces of grated ginger.  The effect was immediately noticeable, and will probably continue to increase a bit before fading over time.  Typically, the Christmas Ale is gone within a few weeks, so it probably won’t have time to fade before it is all drunk.

Finally, the Black Chocolate Stout was racked to secondary after a week on the yeast.  The English batch dropped all the way down to 1.019, which was 80% attentuation from the 1.090 OG, while the London didn’t perform as strongly, remaining at 1.031.

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