17 December 2005

posted by benjy edwards

Since one can never have enough pale ale, we brewed another batch of the Two Hearted Ale copy.  There was snow on the ground again, so this brew day started with shoveling a path out to the winter brewhouse.  Mash went fine, the sparge went a little quicker than usual, collected all within 45 minutes.  The gravity turned out well though, got to 1.057 with a
target of 1.058.  Hops were all Centennial, and for once I didn’t overhop it, sticking to the target IBU instead.  One primary of the Black Sheep was racked to secondary, and the other was racked to a corny keg for conditioning and serving on the handpump.  No primings needed.
There was one space left in the co2 freezer, so I kegged up the Black Chocolate Stout fermented with the English ale yeast.  Gravity didn’t drop at all in the two weeks in secondary, but since it was alreay 1.019 it’s probably a good thing.  To add a bit more complexity to the beer, I made a syrup of 8 tablespoons of cocoa powder in hot water, let it steep for 15 minutes  at about 170F, then added it to the keg.  It made an immediate difference, you can taste the chocolate flavour.

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