21 January, 2006

posted by benjy edwards

We checked the gravity of the stout after one week by racking off a graduated cylinder full of wort from the racking port. Specific gravity is 1.030, so it did pretty well. The target final gravity is 1.026, so it doesn’t have far to go during secondary. I left the yeast in, however, to give it more time to drop. I’ll probably dump the yeast in four days to a week’s time. The keg of Lindeman’s Framboise was kicked today, after about a year and a half, I would guess.

Since we didn’t brew today, I took the opportunity to clean out the burners on the brewing structure. They have been slowly rusting over the years, and the rust was clogging the jets, causing the burners to run unevenly, especially when on low power. I had to take the inserts out of the burner bodies and wire brush both parts. Quite a lot of rust came off, especially on the burners for the boil and the hot liquor tank. After reassembly, they worked much better, especially when the gas was turned down low.

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