12 August 2006

posted by benjy edwards

The weather this weekend was perfect, great for a day brewing outside. We made the third batch of the Black Sheep Special Ale clone, with Maris Otter, crystal, wheat and a touch of roast barley. Target gravity was 1.048, we got 1.052 instead. Hops were Fuggles for bittering, Fuggles and Goldings for flavour and aroma. Everything went smoothly and unhurriedly, since the only transfer we needed to do was rack the Alpha King out of the primary to a couple of secondaries. Gravities on those were a touch high, in the low 1.020’s, so we’ll give them some time in the carboy to dry out. Chilling was difficult, only getting around 74 degrees when siphoning to the primary. I dropped the temperature down to around 66 or so once the fermenters were in the fridge.

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