18 November 2006

posted by benjy edwards

I took some time from taking care of the baby to keg up one of the secondaries of the Evil Twin batch. Dry-hopped with 2.5 ounces of Centennial, it’s got lots of hop flavour but little bitterness, so the 20 minutes and later hop additions technique works as advertised. It’s got some nice, rich malt flavours as well. The only batch that has yet to be kegged is the Chocolate Hazelnut porter, which will probably be done around Thanksgiving.

4 November 2006

posted by benjy edwards

Since it’s been two weeks in the primary for the Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, I racked it over to secondary today. Gravities were quite different, the Scottish only attenuating to 1.024 while the English got down to 1.018 (original gravity was way up there – 1.073). I think they’ll need three or four weeks in the secondary to mature. The Scottish batch went into the cellar temperature fridge for conditioning and the English one went to the cold side for clearing. I also kegged up the first half of the Burning River clone brewed with the homegrown Cascade. I took the dry hop out of the freezer on Friday night and kegged it on Saturday night. The English ale yeast had dropped to 1.015.

I hooked up the keg of Christmas Ale brewed by Great Lakes and the keg of the Magic Hat clone with the blackcurrant syrup. Both kegs went in the cask serving freezer because the firkin of Harvey’s Best is gone. Finally, I vented and tapped the pin containing the Black Sheep Special Ale clone. It was very nice, rich and malty. There might be space in that freezer for one more keg, if I can maneuver the pin into a position to free up more space. Once the pin is gone we can fit three more kegs in, which will still leave seven more five gallon batches in reserve (assuming no other kegs run dry before then).