30 December 2006

posted by benjy edwards

The last cask of real ale was finished last night (Boathouse HDV), so we need some more cask beer. Today is version 11 of the clone of Timothy Taylor Landlord. 100% Golden Promise malt, with Fuggle, Stryian Golding, and East Kent Golding hops. We brewed the batch using the no-sparge method, getting an original gravity of 1.043. We used almost two-thirds pellet hops, which was a mistake, as it caused the runoff from the kettle to clog. We were also short of volume, partly from being unable to get all of the wort out of the kettle.

We also racked the London Pride clone to a couple of corny kegs, dry hopping with around an ounce or so of East Kent Goldings per keg. Gravities were great, 1.013 on both fermenters. Clarity also was excellent. The White Labs WLP002 (English Ale) is a fantastic yeast. My favourite!

23 December 2006

posted by benjy edwards

We haven’t brewed since the day before the birth of our son, so for my birthday a couple of days ago I brewed a clone of Fuller’s London Pride. The grist is pale, crystal, flaked maize, and a tiny amount of debittered black malt for colour. Hops are Target, East Kent Goldings and fuggle. The gravity turned out a couple of points below target, at 1.040. I used the no-sparge method, except that I did put in about half a gallon of hot liquor on the mash before the vorlauf to aid in clarity. I also tried a new method of chilling the wort, using the pump to run off the boiling wort to the chiller. It worked great, I was able to chill the entire batch in 18 minutes. Yeast was a couple of vials of White Labs English Ale, WLP002, started on Thursday.

4 December 2006

posted by benjy edwards

The corny keg of Alpha King clone served on the handpump was gone on Friday night, so we’re down to one cask ale now. I kegged up the first half of the Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, putting in 25 ml of hazelnut extract. I force-carbonated it and tapped it right away, it’s quite nice, with flavours of chocolate, hazelnut, and alcohol all mixing together. The hazelnut flavour is noticeable, but it doesn’t linger or dominate the other flavours.