23 December 2006

posted by benjy edwards

We haven’t brewed since the day before the birth of our son, so for my birthday a couple of days ago I brewed a clone of Fuller’s London Pride. The grist is pale, crystal, flaked maize, and a tiny amount of debittered black malt for colour. Hops are Target, East Kent Goldings and fuggle. The gravity turned out a couple of points below target, at 1.040. I used the no-sparge method, except that I did put in about half a gallon of hot liquor on the mash before the vorlauf to aid in clarity. I also tried a new method of chilling the wort, using the pump to run off the boiling wort to the chiller. It worked great, I was able to chill the entire batch in 18 minutes. Yeast was a couple of vials of White Labs English Ale, WLP002, started on Thursday.

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