6 January 2007

posted by benjy edwards

We just got in a new supply of the unique Simcoe hops, so it’s time to brew another batch of Simcoe IPA. Malt and hops were similar to last time, but not identical. Instead of rye we used aromatic and Special B, and instead of all Magnum for bittering we used Magnum and Galena. Out of over 20 ounces of hops, only 4 ounces were pellets, but that was still enough to clog the bazooka screen when pumping the boiling wort to the chiller. Our theory on the cause of the problem is that the pellets settle amongst the leaf hops when running off by gravity, but with the use of the pump the pellets get sucked into the screen, clogging it and causing a slow or stopped runoff. It probably makes it worse to sanitize the pump by recirculating boiling wort through it, because that way the pellets are moving around while the wort is boiling, and if they get near the screen they get pulled into it and eventually get stuck. That theory is substantiated by the fact that the pump was clogged at the end of the boil, even before we tried to run the wort off to the primary fermenters. Therefore, the use of the pump to chill the wort and the use of pellets are mutually exclusive.

We racked half of the Landlord clone to a corny keg for conditioning, and the other half to the pin. Both were dry-hopped with East Kent Goldings. Gravity was as expected, 1.014.

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