27 January 2007

posted by benjy edwards

I pitched the two flasks of yeast into a gallon growler of wort on Friday night, and then we brewed another batch of Boathouse Bitter today, but with American hops, so it will be more like an American Pale Ale served on the handpump. Malt was pale, light crystal, aromatic, Special B, and flaked maize. Hops were added at 20 minutes to go, then 10 and 0 minutes. Previous experience using the technique of hopping only in the last twenty minutes of the boil has shown that it lends great hop aroma and flavour that quickly fades within a couple of weeks. This beer will be consumed quickly and so it should be gone before the hoppiness has a chance to fade too much. Hops used were Chinook, Galena, Cascade and Ahtanum. We tried pumping the wort through the counterflow chiller again, this time using only whole leaf hops, and the bazooka screen still clogged and stopped the flow to the fermenters. We did use almost a pound of hops, so the quantity must have been the problem this time. The pumping method is therefore only good for low quantities of hops, which must be predominantly whole leaf. Overall, it’s not really a viable method without changing the equipment we use. OG was 1.052.

Primary:  Boathouse Bitter
Secondary:  Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, Burning River Pale Ale clone, Evil Twin Amber
Kegged but not yet tapped: Milk Stout

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