17 February, 2007

posted by benjy edwards

No brewing today, we got more snow (around a foot and a half of accumulation now). I racked the Dark Ruby clone off of the yeast and took over the primaries to John’s house so that he could use the yeast for a batch of Burning River Pale Ale. The Dark Ruby Mild fermented down to 1.021, so still pretty high. The mash temperature was higher than usual, so it resulted in a lower attenuation with more non-fermentables in the wort for body. I racked half of the batch to a corny for conditioning and the other half to a carboy for later use. I also cleaned a corny keg I haven’t used in a long time, since it’s the last one we have left that isn’t being used. I’ll probably keg the second half of the Evil Twin in it.

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