30 June, 2007

posted by benjy edwards

We’ve caught up a bit on IPAs with the Simcoe IPA and the Alpha King, so today we brewed an American pale ale, the second batch of the Snake River clone. Malt is Golden Promise, crystal, and Munich, with Chinook, Goldings, and Cascade hops. Gravity was 1.052 and we repitched the English ale yeast for the sixth time. It did well fermenting the Simcoe IPA, reaching a gravity of 1.011 starting from 1.070. Probably too well, since the Simcoe has quite a bit of heat from the alcohol, which is almost 8%. We racked half of the Simcoe batch to secondary and the other half went into a corny and was force-carbonated.

We had all three handpumps running during the brew session, and they were all very nice. The Landlord is very pale and quite light and crisp, the Simcoe Pale Ale has just enough Simcoe flavour without being overwhelming for the light gravity, and the Boathouse Bitter is still hoppy and citrusy after a few months.

16 June, 2007

posted by benjy edwards

The second batch of Simcoe IPA is getting dangerously low, so we brewed the third batch today. Target gravity was 1.062, but for some reason we got a whopping 1.070 out of the wort today. Hopped with Columbus pellets for bittering and all Simcoe for flavour and aroma, it’s set to be super hoppy. This is the fifth use of the yeast, so we’re getting to the end of its lifespan, especially considering that there’s a lot of pellet trub mixed in with the yeast as a result of using too many pellets in previous batches.

We racked the Alpha King clone out of the primary after two weeks, and the yeast is not behaving very well, as the gravity was very high – 1.024. It tasted quite nice, not overly sweet, so we kegged up half of it with Cascade, Centennial, and Ahtanum for dry hops, and put the other half in a secondary. We vented and tapped the Simcoe Pale Ale in the firkin, and it was surprisingly docile. Since the racking gravity was 1.018, the only explanation is that there wasn’t enough headspace to allow it to condition very much. It tasted very good, with enough Simcoe flavour to be interesting but not too much to overpower the malt and the low gravity. With a half full firkin of Boathouse Bitter, a full firkin of the Simcoe Pale Ale, as well as Landlord and Boathouse Bitter with American hops in cornies, there’s a lot of cask-conditioned ale to choose from right now. Plus the London Pride can be tapped any time now.

2 June, 2007

posted by benjy edwards

We brewed another batch of Alpha King today, since there’s none left on tap and it’s something we should have on hand at all times. Original gravity was 1.062, but it took some extra boil time to achieve, so the fermenters are a little low on volume. Used too many pellets in the boil since we only have Columbus in pellet form. The runoff through the counterflow chiller was very slow and the fermenters have a lot of pellet trub in them.

We racked the two primaries of the Simcoe Pale Ale to a firkin, dry hopping liberally with more Simcoe, and the two fermenters of the London Pride clone got racked to corny kegs for conditioning. Gravities on both batches were higher than expected, perhaps as a result of having split the yeast into the two batches from last week.