10 November 2007

posted by benjy edwards

Another brew day, this time a new recipe, and a simple one at that – 100% Maris Otter malt and 100% Cascade hops.  Target gravity was 1.040 and we hit 1.039, which was pretty good considering that we used malt from a different maltster which has a different kernel size and thus needed a change in the mill setting.  Our extraction rate has fallen, but with a slightly longer boil we achieved roughly the right gravity.

We racked the Golden Arrow clone from primaries to a couple of cornies, as well as kegged half of the Pliny the Elder clone and racked the other secondary off the pellet dry hop and into another secondary.  Finally, we switched out the empty keg of Snake River Pale Ale for the full one.   The kegged Pliny was dry hopped with a couple of ounces of Centennial and the Golden Arrow had an ounce of Willamette in each corny ‘cask’.

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