17 November 2007

posted by benjy edwards

A solo brew day today, which means I’m busy but if there are no distractions the session usually goes pretty well.  Today was no exception, everything went well even when I overheated the mash liquor.  I just added a bit of cold water and brought it back down before adding the malt.  This was the eighteenth version of Boathouse Bitter, this time with malted oats, wheat, and some honey malt.  Hops were a mix of pellets and whole hops, all English except for the New Zealand Pacific Gem.  Target gravity was 1.042 and actual was 1.044, which is close enough considering the malt mill gap had to be adjusted for the Maris Otter malt from Hugh Baird rather than our previous supply of Thomas Fawcett’s.  The yeast is on its fourth use, the plan for the final two batches are a mild or a porter, followed by the annual Christmas Ale.

The Hophead clone from last week was racked to a couple of corny kegs, using my last two Surescreens.  I dry-hopped them differently since the plan is to tap one before the other.  The first one to be served only has .75 ounces of Cascade, while the second has 1.25 ounces, so that the first is not overly grassy because I didn’t let them warm up for a day in advance of dry-hopping.  Gravities were 1.011 and 1.012.

The Palmer’s Best Bitter clone was drinking very well this weekend, the slight sweetness has attenuated out and the condition has come up.

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