23 November 2007

posted by benjy edwards

The yeast has now been pitched four times, so for the fifth use we brewed a darker beer, a brown porter.  The recipe was cobbled together from many different sources, trying to get a good balance of dark malts as well as use some brown malt, which was historically used in porter.  The recipe ended up with Maris Otter, 9% brown malt, 9% crystal malts, 8% chocolate, and a touch of roast barley for a deep red colour.  Fuggle is a good traditional porter hop, supplemented with an ounce of high-alpha Phoenix.

The Boathouse Bitter from a week ago was racked, half to a corny using the last Surescreen, the other half to the pin which was just emptied a couple of hours before it was filled.  Dry hops were easy, a few plugs of First Gold in each.  Gravities were normal, at 1.012 and 1.013.  There is a nice selection of cask ales now, with even the porter destined for cask-conditioning, at least half of the batch.

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