1 December 2007

posted by benjy edwards

Time to brew the annual batch of Christmas Ale so that it’s ready in time for the holiday.  It’s also the last use of the yeast, which works well since there will be cinnamon and ginger left over in the trub which would not be good for any subsequent batch.  The clarity of the wort run off to the kettle was great, and no slow runoff issues today.  Target gravity was 1.068, and on reaching full wort volume in the boil kettle we were set to hit 1.060, so the rest was made up with honey.  We ended up needing a quarter of a pound more honey than we planned on, and we hit 1.068 on the nose.  Hops were Cascade throughout, with the cinnamon and ginger added during the last 5 minutes of the boil.

The previous batch, the brown porter, had 8 days in the primary, and on racking the gravity was still up at 1.018.  That’s higher than it should be, but it didn’t taste sweet.  One half was racked to a corny for conditioning, the other to a secondary where it’ll perhaps ferment out a little drier.

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