16 December 2007

posted by benjy edwards

There won’t be any more brewing this year, but today I kegged up the first 5 gallons of the Christmas Ale so it will be on tap before the holiday.  Final gravity was 1.012, so it’s 7.4% ABV.  The cinnamon and ginger flavour is subtle, but enough not to need any more additions at kegging.

On Friday I tapped the cask Boathouse Porter, and compared it to a bottle of Sam Smith’s Taddy Porter.  They look identical, but the Taddy Porter is sweeter, while the Boathouse has more of a roast and chocolate flavour.  It’s not overly roasty, but it’s enough for the strength.

On Saturday Steve and I began construction of the collar to go on the chest freezer which holds the force-carbonated kegs.  The collar will hold the new faucets, replacing the plastic picnic faucets with nine stainless steel Ventmatic forward-sealing faucets.  We got the collar built and the holes drilled for the shanks to go through, then painted it with a couple of coats of primer.  On Sunday I put on three coats of gloss white paint.  Once it’s dry we need to drill a hole for the co2 line to pass through, then modify the hinges and install it on the freezer.  Once Christmas rolls around we can put in the faucets and hook everything up.  Pictures will be posted on the site when it is all finished.

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