25 December 2007

posted by benjy edwards

This weekend I installed the collar on the chest freezer where the new stainless steel faucets will go.  First I replaced the weatherstripping on the edges of the freezer so the collar will seal well.  The collar was exactly the right size to fit on the freezer lip, so that worked out well.  I took out all of the kegs and cleaned the inside of the freezer, then put the collar on and bent the steel wood ties to match the shape of the inside lip of the freezer and the collar, so as to hold the collar in place.  The wood ties were screwed to the collar and render it immovable.  The the lid went on top of the collar, and the hinges were screwed to the collar.  New holes were drilled in the hinges to screw into the top holes on the freezer, and extensions were made out of aluminium bar stock to extend the hinges down to the original bottom mounting holes on the freezer.  This keeps the hinges and place and prevents the lid from working loose after repeating use.

By Christmas Day, I had all of the parts needed to set up six of the nine stainless faucets.  Installation was easy, the only tricky bit being heating the 3/16″beer line in boiling water to make it soft enough to stretch onto the 1/4″ hose barbs on the tailpieces.  After hooking all six up, they seemed to pour pretty well, with some foaming at the beginning when the shanks had not yet cooled to the temperature of the beer.  I didn’t get a chance on Christmas to dispense any except the Christmas Ale, which filled a take-away bottle without excessive foaming.  I kept the beer line length the same for now, we may need to shorten them after some testing.

The stainless steel faucets sure look nice, I am eager to get the other three shanks so the remaining faucets can be installed.

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