1 January 2008

posted by benjy edwards

After a fun New Year’s Eve party over at Steve’s where we managed to polish off 3.5 gallons of homebrew, today I worked on upgrading the pump on the brewing structure.  I replaced the three 3/8″ stainless steel hose barbs with 1/2″ ones, so the flow through the pump should be better because there won’t be as much restriction for the grain that does get through the false bottom and screen to clog the pump.  I cleaned all of the fittings and the pump impeller, and replaced the braided hose as well.

On New Year’s Eve day I had time to rack half of the latest batch of Simcoe IPA to a corny keg, dry hopping with one ounce of Simcoe.  Normally I would use twice that for the dry hop, but due to the hop shortage I need to cut back!

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