5 April 2008

posted by benjy edwards

Still no brewing yet, but we did keg up the cider that has been fermenting for a month now.  It dried out pretty well, it was at 1.000 or close to it.  We added three cans of the frozen juice concentrate to sweeten it up and force-carbonated it.  That’s it, cider is ready to go.

The plan is to brew a Belgian ale soon, using Wyeast that Jonathan supplied.  It might happen next weekend, we’ll see.  The cask ale supply is slowly dwindling, we’re down to a corny each of the Bishop’s Farewell and the Palmer’s, plus the Dark Ruby Mild and the Porter.  Once the cask ale supply becomes critical, we’ll start brewing the English ales again.

3 Responses to “5 April 2008”

  1. Nils Says:

    I am going to make a pear cider within the next couple of weeks or so and was curious what you used for yeast. I have no idea what the typical OG is for a cider and have just one packet of dried champagne yeast. Not sure if I need to make a starter or not?

  2. benjy Says:

    That champagne yeast should be fine. I used this type of yeast for the first time for this cider. I just rehydrated the yeast in a little bit of warm water (about 100F) and let it proof for half an hour before pitching it into the must.

  3. nils Says:

    great, I will do the same