11 October 2008

posted by benjy edwards

The keg of Steve and Jane’s wedding beer ran out this week, so we needed a replacement.  The second half of the Pliny the Elder clone has been in a five gallon carboy for months, so I kegged it up, dry-hopping it with two ounces of Centennial and an ounce of Simcoe.  The final gravity was a very low 1.005, which means that from its original gravity of 1.075 it is 9.2% alcohol by volume.  That’s quite the douple IPA!  The keg was force-carbonated and tapped immediately, although it will likely take a week or two for the effect of the dry hop to come through.

The Cols-ch (our name for the Kolsch style ale we brewed a couple of weeks ago) is lagering in a fridge now, right about 35 degrees.  A few more weeks of that should get the yeast to clear out, then it can be kegged.  The yeast I harvested from the Cols-ch last weekend was given back to John yesterday so he could brew with it one last time.

One Response to “11 October 2008”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey There,

    This is the only way I could figure out how to contact you. I have used your site as a reference while building my RIMS brewery. Can you recommend a good place to get propane burners and a gas setup similar to yours? Any recommendations would be great.