3 January 2009

posted by benjy edwards

Happy new year, it is hard to believe that our homebrewery is now in its thirteenth year. We have not started brewing yet in 2009, but today we did keg up a couple of previous batches and racked the cider that is on tap from a 5 gallon corny to a 3 gallon corny so that it can be served in place of the Boathouse Porter than just ran out.

The first five gallons of the Boathouse Pale Ale and the Two Hearted Ale clone were kegged and dry-hopped. The Pale Ale has a couple ounces of Amarillo and the Two Hearted has the same amount of Centennial dry hops. A couple of our IPAs are getting low, the Simcoe IPA and the Mojo IPA clone, so these kegs will replace those once they run out.