14 February 2009

posted by benjy edwards

What better activity for St. Valentine’s Day is there than brewing a batch of beer?  I wanted to make another cask-conditioned beer, and have been meaning to try to clone Brewer’s Gold from the Crouch Vale Brewery, so we gave it a shot.  Since the original recipe supposedly uses lager malt and I don’t believe in such a thing, we used Golden Promise in its place.  Also, the brewery reportedly uses 100% Brewer’s Gold hops, which we only have in pellet form, so in order to avoid the most horrendous clogged wort, we put in Willamette and Northern Brewer whole hops for bittering, then the Brewer’s Gold pellets at 30, 15, and0 minute additions for flavour and aroma.

The target gravity is 1.042, and we got 1.041, so as close as makes no matter.  The chill was again highly efficient due to the cold ground water, and we racked it onto the yeast from last week.  The JHB clone was racked to a pin and a corny, each dry-hopped with an ounce of Mt. Hood hops.  The gravity had dropped from 1.038 to 1.012, so given a couple more points while conditioning, should be right on target for the strength.  The JHB tasted very nice straight from the primary.

Finally, we also cleaned the tap and line from the recently defunct keg of Copperhop, and put in its place the second keg of Two Hearted, now dubbed Boathouse IPA to distinguish it from the first batch.

Plans for the next few brews are a pale ale, most likely hopped with the home-grown Cascade, followed by another batch of the milk stout, and perhaps an Imperial Russian Stout to finish off the yeast.  We only used one vial for this set of brews, and so have another vial for some other ideas soon.

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