28 February 2009

posted by benjy edwards

Today we brewed the second batch of our milk stout recipe.  We have nothing on tap darker than pale ale, except for five gallons of the Dark Ruby Mild served on the handpump, so a stout will be welcome.  The recipe remains unchanged except for decreasing the pale malt to get closer to the target gravity of 1.058, bumping up the crystal malt from 1.5 pounds up to two pounds and decreasing the hops from 40 IBU to 30 IBU.  Together, those should make the beer seem slightly sweeter than the first batch.

We overshot the target gravity again, this time reaching 1.062, four points higher than the 1.058 target.  This was unexpected, since in the previous dozen batches we’ve been on target or slightly low on gravities.  Perhaps the chocolate and black malts used in this recipe contribute more extract than calculated in the spreadsheet.  Hops were a single 60-minute addition of Kent Goldings for bittering.  The lactose was added with 15 minutes to go in the boil, 2.5 pounds total.

The Anchor Liberty Ale clone brewed a week ago was racked to a couple of corny kegs, with just over an ounce of home-grown Cascade added to each for the dry hop.  One keg was force carbonated and tapped immediately, while the other will be left to condition, either to be served on the handpump or tapped for co2 dispense with its own natural carbonation.  The second half of the Boathouse Cols-ch, our Kolsh-style ale, was kegged and force-carbonated so as to be ready when the first keg runs out soon.

Next week we’re planning to brew an Imperial Russian Stout as the last batch for this culture of yeast.

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