8 March 2009

posted by benjy edwards

The imperial stout fermentation is in high gear, so much so that one of the fermenters was overflowing into its airlock, plugging it up.  I caught it in time, removed it, and there was a rush of co2 and spray of yeast wort onto the sides and top of the inside of the fridge.  The pop noise it made made me wonder how much longer it would have taken before the carboy exploded from the pressure.  Hopefully the stopper and airlock would have blown out on its own before then.

High gravity stout fermentations have a tendency to get out of control.  The last batch of Son of Satan was named because of its fermentation activity, which erupted out of a stainless steel conical and filled the bottom of another fridge before flowing out the door and staining a carpet with black, sticky wort.  Temperature was kept at 66 to 68 in the first 24 hours of fermentation, now it is up to 70F to help the yeast attenuate.

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