3 May 2009

posted by benjy edwards

Yesterday was the American Homebrewers Association’s Big Brew Day, where homebrewers around the country should gather to make collective batches of beer.  Unfortunately it was also the day of the Mini Real Ale Festival at Barley’s, and I didn’t have time to do both, so I just went to the beer festival.  It was fun sampling the ales and talking with many of the brewers.

Today I checked the gravity of last week’s dark mild, and since it was 1.011 in both fermenters, I racked them to corny kegs for conditioning.  No dry hops since it is a mild, and I didn’t bother to prime them either.  I kept the kegs at primary fermentation temperature though, so that the yeast will continue to be active enough to condition at that relatively low gravity.  If they drop a couple of points during conditioning the beer will be 3.8% ABV.  The sample I tried was very good, very malty but a nice balance of sweetness and malt character, not overwhelmed by any of the different dark grains in the recipe.

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