9 May 2009

posted by benjy edwards

Today we brewed a brown porter that should be similar to the 1859 Porter produced by Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes, East Sussex.  The malt bill is rather simple, with dark crystal, chocolate, and brown malt supplementing a base of Maris Otter.  The mash rest was held at 153F for an hour  and the wort run off and boiled for 90 minutes, with four ounces of Bramling Cross for bittering and a couple of ounces of East Kent Goldings added with ten minutes remaining.

The wort was chilled to 70F by running it at about half-speed since the ground water is warming up due to the weather.  The yeast had been stored cold since last week with a thin cover of wort from the dark mild, which was racked off the fermenters into a 3 gallon corny keg.  The first keg of dark mild which had conditioned for a week was tapped, which was nice timing as today is National Mild Day in England, part of CAMRA’s Mild Month in May.

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