16 May 2009

posted by benjy edwards

Amazingly, I don’t believe we have ever brewed an English IPA before, at least not within the past few years.  It is time to correct that omission.  The malt is Maris Otter, light crystal, wheat, biscuit, and flaked maize.  The target gravity was 1.055, we reached 1.057 after boiling for an extra ten minutes.

The hops were considerable, with First Gold and Fuggle for bittering, Fuggle again at 45 minutes for flavour, East Kent Goldings at 30 minutes, Styrian Goldings at 15 minutes, and both East Kent Goldings and Styrians at knockout.  Even though the hops were less than 50% pellets, the sheer quantity clogged the bazooka screen, resulting in a slow runoff to the chiller.  Eventually we collected just under 5 gallons of wort in each fermenter and aerated it heavily.

The brown porter brewed a week ago was racked to a couple of secondaries to finish its fermentation, since the current gravity is 1.020.  We will keep it at primary fermentation temperature for a week or two for it to attenuate more, before casking half and kegging the other half.

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