13 June 2009

posted by benjy edwards

Today we brewed an IPA using a hop combination we’ve never tried before: Summit and Nugget.  These hops are used in Green Flash’s Imperial IPA, and it has a unique flavour, so this recipe is an IPA with additions of Summit and Nugget throughout the boil.   Some say that the flavour of Summit is onion-like, so we dubbed the beer “Allium IPA”, since Allium is the name of the genus to which onions belong.

The malt is Maris Otter, carapils, light crystal and caramunich, wheat malt, and 5 pounds of Vienna added to make up for a shortage of pale malt.  We’re completely out of base malt now, but should be getting in a new order in the next week or two.

Target gravity was 1.068, but the actual original gravity was 1.066.  We were a bit short on volume as well, so we must have had a strong boil.  The total hop bill was close to a pound, so some wort is lost there.  Finally, we used 6 ounces of pellets, which caused some clogging during the runoff, so we stopped it with half a gallon left in the boil kettle because it was so slow and so much pellet material was making it into the fermenters.  Pellets just don’t work with our system, so I will avoid buying more of them and slowly use up what I have left.

After a week of cold-conditioning, last night I racked half of each of the Hophead 4 and 5 batches into a firkin, dry-hopping with 2 ounces of Cascade.  The gravities were low, with batch 4 hitting 1.009 (down from OG of 1.039) and batch 5 hitting 1.011 (down from OG of 1.042).  The fermenters spent the last 3 or 4 days at about 39F, which helped the yeast to clear out.

The other half of the Hophead batches were racked to corny kegs while we brewed the IPA, dry-hopping each with an ounce of Cascade.  Gravities on the two were the same as the other half of the batches.

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