20 June 2009

posted by benjy edwards

We are not brewing for the next few weeks, but the Allium IPA has been in primary for a week so I checked the gravity.  Upon finding it at 1.014, I racked it to secondary for some cold-conditioning to get the London Ale yeast to flocculate out.

Last night I racked the second half of the Harvey’s 1859 Porter clone to a corny keg for conditioning.  The gravity has dropped to 1.018 so there is still plenty of residual sugar to carbonate it.  It will be served on handpump in a couple of weeks’ time.  The co2 version of the same beer is currently on tap and is quite nice.

There was also some keg washing to be done, as the Samuel Smith Old Brewery bitter clone and the Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild clone both bit the dust this weekend.  That made room in the cooler for the firkin of Hophead, which had been sitting in the cellar conditioning.  Late Saturday night I tapped one of the corny kegs of the Hophead and put it on the engine.  It is very nice, although I prefer the batches fermented with the English Ale yeast as it’s a bit fruitier.  The London is drier and contributes a woody, almost minerally character.

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