27 June 2009

posted by benjy edwards

The Allium IPA has had a week of cold storage for the yeast to clear, so today we kegged up the first half of the batch.  This is the IPA hopped with a combination of Summit and Nugget, so the dry hops consisted of half of the remaining Summit in stock (1 ounce) and two ounces of Nugget whole hops.  The gravity was unchanged from last week, at 1.014.  The sample tasted quite dry and bitter, so with some carbonation and the dry hops it should be nice.  We force-carbonated the keg and put it back into the 40 degree fridge to finish the carbonation process.

On Friday night I tapped the firkin of Hophead after an hour or so of venting.  It was reasonably lively, but not excessively so for two weeks worth of conditioning.  The clarity wasn’t great right after tapping, but by Saturday was relatively clear.

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