19 September 2009

posted by benjy edwards

The last batch for this yeast culture is the Simcoe IPA, version number five.  Simcoe hops are in short supply right now, but we have some on hand that should be used, and haven’t had the Simcoe IPA on tap for quite a while.  I ratcheted down the gravity from the last version because based on the Alpha King brew I expected to get a higher extract, but was surprised to see an extra seven specific gravity points (target OG 1.060, actual OG 1.067).  1.060 is a bit low for an IPA, so 1.067 was a good result.

Hops are Galena for bittering and then massive amounts of Simcoe at 30, 15, and 0 minutes in the boil.  Overall, a total of 23 ounces of hops went into the brew, not including the dry hop.  That’s almost 4.5 pounds of hops per barrel!

We kegged up the Alpha King after two weeks in the primary, the last three days of which the beer was chilled.  Heavy dry-hopping is the norm for Alpha King, so an ounce each of Cascade, Centennial, and Nugget went into one keg and three-quarters of an ounce each of Cascade, Centennial, and Summit were used in the other.  Gravities were on the low end, at 1.012 and 1.013.

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