30 January 2010

posted by benjy edwards

I wanted to make another session beer, but instead of an English-style ale, we went for an American Pale Ale using Simcoe hops.  The malt bill was just Maris Otter, a pound of Vienna, and almost a pound of caramunich for colour and some malt character.  Original gravity target was 1.044 which we hit on the nose.

We used Newport hops for bittering and then Simcoe at 30, 15, and steep for flavour and aroma.  IBU target was 45.  We racked the Harvey’s Best from last week into two corny kegs which were dry-hopped with Kent Goldings.  The gravities after primary fermentation were both 1.012.

23 January 2010

posted by benjy edwards

I happen to have a surplus of the hops used in brewing the Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter, so that was the recipe for the day.  It also happens to be a great session beer.  The malt bill was once again Maris Otter, dark crystal, flaked maize, and Special B for a bit of extra colour.

Hops this time were First Gold and Bramling Cross for bittering at 60 minutes, more Bramling for flavour at 30 minutes, along with Kent Goldings, and Kent Goldings for aroma at flameout.  Target gravity was 1.041 and despite an initial weak boil from a low propane tank and switching tanks mid-boil, we hit 1.040.  Pitched on the yeast cake from last week, the yeast started fermenting within a few hours.

We racked the JHB from the primary to a couple of corny kegs, and were very pleased with how it tasted right from the fermenter.  A maltiness at the start gave way to a mild bitterness, and a nice nuttiness to finish.  That beer was Golden Promise with a touch of wheat, and the Golden Promise definitely tastes different than our staple malt, Maris Otter.  A nice change, for sure.  The kegs were dry hopped with Mt. Hood, which was also the late hop in the kettle.  We had an extra gallon left over from the fermenters.  Racking gravity was 1.011.

16 January 2010

posted by benjy edwards

The first brew of the new year was the fifth time we brewed Jeffrey Hudson Bitter, a golden bitter from Oakham Ales.  We like their Bishop’s Farewell also.  The malt is Golden Promise and 5% wheat, hops are Northern Brewer for bittering and Mount Hood for flavour and aroma.

Target gravity was 1.038 and after an extended mash because of a delay during the day we reached 1.039.  The yeast was the English ale from a starter made on Thursday.  The chill was very efficient because of the very cold ground water, so we got the wort down to low 60s and it warmed up to 66F by the time the yeast started fermentation.  No problems were encountered during the brew so we hope and expect for a tasty  beer.