10 April 2010

posted by benjy edwards

Another nice day to brew outside.  Today’s batch is another session ale clone we’ve made before, Brewer’s Gold from Crouch Vale Brewery.  We used 100% Golden Promise malt with a target gravity of 1.042, which we hit dead on today.  Hops are supposed to be solely Brewer’s Gold, but our supply is all pellets, so we used Northern Brewer whole hops for bittering, some Cascade for flavour, and finished up with the Brewer’s Gold pellets at 15 minutes remaining and steep.

We racked the two primaries of last week’s JHB to a corny keg and the pin, dry hopping each one with 1.75 ounces each of Mt. Hood hops.  After a week the yeast had dropped the gravity from 1.039 to 1.010, which is almost 75% attenuation.  The English Ale WLP002 is almost always a great performer for us.

I recently acquired 75 more pump clips to add to my collection.  It will take some time to put them all up for display, but the list of them has been updated on the “Real Ale” page of this site.

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