3 April 2010

posted by benjy edwards

We’re back to brewing now since the last batch in February.  The weather is a lot better so we can brew outside again.  The supply of cask ale has not yet given out, but will soon, so we’ll brew a few of those at first.  Today’s batch is the Jeffrey Hudson Bitter, or JHB, which is 95% pale malt and 5% wheat.  Hops are Northern Brewer for bittering and Mt. Hood for flavour and aroma.  Target gravity is 1.038 but because the pre-boil gravity was considerably lower than expected, we added .75 pounds of light brown sugar at the end of the boil.  Actual gravity ended up at 1.039, so we could have used a touch less sugar.

No previously brewed beer to rack today.  The hops growing in the backyard are just starting to show themselves, so soon it will be time to train them up the twine for the year’s growth.

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