13 November 2010

posted by benjy edwards

A lot has happened since the last batch.  A great trip to England was followed by a rather sudden move across country to Olympia, Washington in October.  The challenges of moving the brewery were many, but in about a month the brewery has been set up, including plumbing in the stainless steel sink.  All of the refrigeration equipment made it out, with the exception of one conditioning fridge which has found a new lease of life as a kegerator fridge for Steve.

The brew is another go at Cottage Brewing’s Golden Arrow, one of my favourite golden ales from England with a wonderful Styrian Goldings hop character.  OG was 1.042, hopped to 30 IBU with Target, Willamette, and a newer version of Styrians called Bobek.  The well water here is quite different from the water in Ohio, notably softer.   I don’t have a water analysis yet, so I treated the liquor along the same lines as in Ohio, only more so since it is softer water.  The beer’s finish was rather astringent, so the water treatment needs work.  Tweaks will be made in subsequent batches.

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