29 January 2011

posted by benjy edwards

Starting a new culture of yeast for the first brew of the new year, this time it is Wyeast London Ale III rather than my favourite White Labs WLP002, which was unavailable at short notice.  The batch is another clone of Hophead from Dark Star, this is the second brewing with the Olympia water, so as to compare the two different water treatments directly.  OG is 1.040, hopped exclusively with Cascade, at 36 IBU.   Water treatment this time is salt, gypsum, and lactic acid in the mash, followed by salt, gypsum, and epsom salts in the boil.

Sampling both batches after the second was conditioned, they are quite different.  Some may be the yeast, but the harsh minerally bite in the first version is absent in the second, so the new water treatment is an improvement.  There is a nice sweet malt character that is reminiscent of the same beer when brewed in Ohio.