5 March 2011

posted by benjy edwards

The final batch on this run of yeast is another go at the American pale ale we brewed on 12 February.   That beer has such a wonderful bright hop aroma and flavour that more is great to have, and a few changes can be made to see if it turns out better or worse.  OG on this batch was 1.051, using Golden Promise and pilsner malt along with the same carapils and crystal malts in the last batch.  Chinook in the mash and Magnum for bittering , were followed by Centennial, Chinook and Cascade late in the kettle.

Because the wort clarity has not been what it was in Ohio, water treatment was changed a bit for this batch.  Some of the problem is no doubt due to the yeast, which is not as flocculant as the wonderful WLP002, but I don’t think all of the blame can be placed there.  I added gypsum back to the sparge liquor in the hope that calcium there would help clarity going into the boil kettle, keeping the mash and boil treatments the same as the past few brews.  It appears that water adjustments will be going on for quite a while longer until things get dialed in.

The Anchor brewed last week was racked; half the batch was transferred to a corny for serving on the handpump, with the other half being split into two 3-gallon kegs so as to fit into the co2 dispense tank.  Gravity is 1.012, resulting in 5.1% ABV now, though the gravity will likely drop further over time in the kegs.