15 October 2011

posted by benjy edwards

This week’s batch is Hophead, a clone of a fantastic hoppy golden ale from a great brewery in Sussex, England – Dark Star.  I’ve been lucky enough to have this beer on draught in a few pubs there, as well as a tour of the brewery by the head brewer himself, who helped me with the clone recipe.  As with many great beers, the recipe itself is dead simple – one hop (Maris Otter) and one hop (Cascade).  Target OG is 1.040, we reached 1.041 today.  The brew went well, and I have hopes that the yeast issues I’ve had with a couple of previous batches may be resolved after having thoroughly cleaned the inside of the ball valve on the boil kettle last night.

I used combination of commercial Cascade (bittering and flavour) and homegrown Cascade (aroma), grown by my friend Brian in Portland.  The Landlord clone from last week was racked to a couple of corny kegs.  Gravities were 1.014 on the half dry-hopped with Styrian Goldings, and 1.013 on the half which was dry-hopped with Styrians and Willamette.

For an upcoming batch I’m thinking of brewing both Fuller’s London Pride and ESB, ten gallons of each at the same time.  I can use the parti-gyle method and with some creative use of the HLT as a second boil kettle, I think I can do the double batch in the time it takes to do a single batch, plus an hour to two hours, staggering the boils so as to do back-to-back chilling of each wort.  Other upcoming batches are a clone of Two-Hearted ale, a double IPA, and our annual Christmas ale.

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