22 October 2011

posted by benjy edwards

Today we brewed another batch of Boathouse pale ale, but with a hop variety that we’ve never tried before. I’ve heard good things about Citra and like the couple of beers I have tasted, and the hops smelled great during the brew, quite similar to Simcoe.

The malt is Maris Otter, crystal 55, carapils, Vienna, and kiln amber. Target gravity was 1.054, actual was 1.055. The hops were a combination of Citra and Cascade, with Chinook for bitterness. The brew went smoothly, and no doubt this batch will be dubbed Colin’s pale ale since we made it on his fifth birthday.

I also racked the Hophead from last week off odd the yeast, into a couple of corny kegs. The gravities were 1.013 and 1.012, both dry-hopped with the single hop in the recipe, Cascade. Next week’s batch is the Two Hearted clone.

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