27 November 2011

posted by benjy edwards

Brewing resumes with the fifth brewing of our Boathouse Dark Mild.  The weather here definitely calls for some dark ale with roast, chocolate, and coffee notes.  The aroma from the mash and the boil kettle as it filled was very enticing.  This recipe calls for a wide array of specialty grain, including light and dark crystal, special B, brown malt, flaked maize, pale chocolate, chocolate, and peat malt.  This is only a 60 minute boil recipe, so I collected 14 gallons rather than 15, but for some reason, the original gravity is 1.044 instead of the targeted 1.038.  No doubt we will have more malt character as a result.

Hops are rather unimportant in a mild, but we used traditional varieties of Kent Goldings and Target, for around 25 IBU.  The yeast is a fresh pitch of WLP002 which was cultured by a starter yesterday.  Wort temperature after chilling was 70F.  The rest of this brewing schedule is Fuller’s London Pride and ESB, milk stout, IPA, and a double IPA.

5 November 2011

posted by benjy edwards

Today we brewed our Christmas ale, which is a great beer to have on tap in December. The recipe is based on the holiday beer from Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland. In addition to pale malt, crystal 35, carapils and kiln Amber (aka Special Roast) in the mash, there is honey, cinnamon, and ginger in the boil for a seasonal spiced flavour.

Alcohol content should be 7.5%, so our target gravity was 1.072, actual original gravity is 1.073. The worth smelled amazing in the kettle due to the cinnamon and ginger. Hops are Northern Brewer for bittering with a late addition of Cascade, around 30 IBU total. After a week in primary we will let this age for at least three weeks before it’s ready. Half the batch is destined for Brian in Portland.

Last week’s batch of Two Hearted ale was kegged, one half dry-hopped with the last of Brian’s homegrown Centennial, the other dry-hopped with commercial Centennial. Final gravity was 1.011, putting it at 6.3%.