10 December 2011

posted by benjy edwards

Following up on the parti-gyle double batch of Fuller’s London Pride and ESB, this week is a single batch of the Boathouse Milk Stout.  Amazingly, we still have the batch brewed in Ohio on tap, mainly because I’ve been saving it by not drinking it at all over the last six or eight months.  These dark beers keep really well, so it’s still fresh and tasty, but almost gone.  The recipe remains largely unchanged, except for dialing down the roast barley a little bit, and substituting in some black malt as well.  The lactose addition was bumped up to 2.5 pounds as I wanted a little higher gravity, around 5.5% ABV.  For some unknown reason though, we overshot our target gravity by SIX points (got 1.071 instead of 1.065).  Not sure how that works.

The milk stout was pitched onto the yeast cake from the London Pride, so that beer was racked to a couple of corny kegs with 2.5 ounces each of East Kent Goldings.  Both fermenters dropped down to 1.011, and tasted dry but very good.  Even after just one week, the beer has the characteristic earthy hop flavour and substantial bitterness.  The colour is perfect.  We’ll see how it develops in the cask.  Sometimes a beer that tastes amazing out of the fermenter changes for the worse by the time it is tapped; we’ll hope that does not happen here.  The Fuller’s ESB batch remains in the primaries for now, keeping the milk stout company in the fermentation fridge.

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