16 March 2012

posted by benjy edwards

We have a couple of corny kegs free now, so time to keg up the latest batch of Boathouse IPA.  The fermenters were dry-hopped a week ago after four days of fermentation, and the beer smelled great in there. One fermenter was hopped with two ounces each of Amarillo and Simcoe, while the other got two ounces each of Columbus and Citra.

Continuing the different dry-hop treatment, the half dry-hopped with Columbus and Citra got more of the same, while the Amarillo and Simcoe batch got more Amarillo in the keg, along with an equal amount of Citra.  The last of the Simcoe hops we have are being saved for dry-hopping the Simcoe IPA.  Both fermenters had dropped down to 1.014 from 1.066, so this will be 7%.  Flavour and aroma on both were excellent, with a bit more hop character coming from the Columbus/Citra batch.

Speaking of the Simcoe IPA, we also dry-hopped that in the primary with two ounces of Simcoe.  We have a couple of ounces left for keg dry-hopping next week.  Once another corny keg is free, we can keg that.

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